Christian Campus Fellowship of Orlando is a New Testament Christian ministry established to connect college age students of central Florida to Christ and to HIS Church. We want to provide an opportunity for students to not only establish and maintain a lasting relationship with God, but also to build relationships with other believers to provide friendship, accountability and encouragement while they are attending college. In addition, we seek to motivate our students to develop spiritual leadership qualities and a positive Christian world-view while attending a college or university in the Orlando area.

We invite you to check out what is going on at your campus or in general with the CCF Ministry. We are always happy to assist students in setting up student groups on college/university campuses throughout the Orlando area.

For more information or to ask specific questions, be sure to contact Jordan Brown, the CCF Campus Ministry Intern through email or by phone (562.253.5140). Also, be sure to find out more about coming events and activities through the CCF FaceBook page.

Should you wish to financially support the ministry of CCF, you may do so by sending a donation to ...

Christian Campus Fellowship

1518 Beth Ann Court

Kissimmee, FL 34744

or by donating through the PayPal Link below ...

Christian Campus Fellowship
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